You are able to fetch all transfer history of the Smart Token(which you issued) via this API.


  • Query String
  • HTTP Headers

HTTP Request and Response


  • URL
    • For development:
    • For production:
  • Method: POST
  • Headers
    • accept: application/json
    • content-type: application/json
    • authorization: Bearer [JWT Web-to-Server access token]
      • (for example)
  • Body

    The value of query in the body is a String.




  • token <Token>
    • id <String!>
      • Smart Token ID. ID is a global identifier.
    • contractAddress <String!>
      • Smart Token contract address.
    • name <String!>
      • Smart Token name.
    • symbol <String!>
      • Smart Token symbol.
    • decimals <String!>
      • Smart Token decimals.
    • transfers <TokenTransferConnection>
      • pageInfo <PageInfo!>
      • totalCount <Int!>
        • Total amount of the Smart Token transfer.
      • edges <[TokenTransferEdge]>
        • cursor <String!>
        • node <Transfer>
          • from <String!>
            • Sender address.
          • to <String>
            • Receiver address.
          • value <String!>
            • Amount of the Smart Token the sender sent. The format is Decimaled Number.
          • transaction <String!>
            • The transaction hash of this action.
          • timestamp <String!>
            • The time that FST Network server reviced transaction. The format is Unix Timestamp in millisecond resolution.