You are able to create airdrop mission via this API.


  • Query String
  • Query Variables
  • HTTP Headers

HTTP Request and Response


  • URL
    • For development:
    • For production:
  • Method: POST
  • Headers
    • accept: application/json
    • content-type: application/json
    • authorization: Bearer [JWT Web-to-Server access token]
      • (for example)
  • Body

    The value of query in the body is a String.


This API responses a ABI-Encoded transaction for creating the basic voucher campaign, and the end-user (the sender, the requester) has to sign the transaction object in the response via ETH Key lib JS, then send the signed transaction and the submitToken to SubmitSignedTransaction API.



  • listId <ID!>
    • ID of the airdrop list.
  • itemId <ID!>
    • ID of the item(token/voucher) to drop.
  • budget <String!>
    • Budget for the airdrop. The format is Decimaled Number.
  • invokeTime <String!>
    • The airdrop invoke time. The format is Unix Timestamp in millisecond resolution.
  • por <enum PORMode>
    • ENABLE or DISABLE <enum>
    • Default is DISABLE.


  • transaction <JSON>
    • UNSIGNED raw transaction format in Ethereum.
  • submitToken <String!>
  • hash <String>
    • PORMode ENABLE: Hash of the abi encode.
    • PORMode DISABLE: Hash of the RLP encode.