In this chapter, you will understand how to retrieve current user’s information.

Table of Contents

  1. Prerequisite
  2. Get current user information via get me
  3. Next step


  1. Complete Connect to FsTK Engine API (last chapter)
  2. Complete installing Insomnia or Postman for testing
  3. Understand usage of authorization header within http request

Get current user information via get me

In any of following API calls, please remember to assign the access token to authorization in http request header. More details are covered in last chapter.

This operation will fetch current user’s info, including

  1. personal info
  2. encrypted Ethereum Key JSON
  3. balances of owned crypto assets
  4. other info included in GraphQL sample code below
  • Using GraphQL (Insomnia recommended)
  • Using cURL
  • Response

Next step

Next step